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Choosing Flooring For Family Homes

When you need floors for your family home, Flooring Canada is your source for information and a broad selection. Our floors are perfect for families who want dependable and appealing floor coverings at affordable rates. Whether you have lead a busy household or enjoy the serenity of an empty nest, we have a floor just for you.

Perusing an Array of Flooring Types

Here at Flooring Canada, we recognize and appreciate that every family is different. This is why each of our flooring products is available in a number of colors, textures, and styles to suit your preferences. Our highly trained associates are happy to guide you through your flooring journey, answering all your questions and helping your find the flooring of your dreams.

Types of Flooring

Looking for floors to suit your casual play room? Seeking formal floors that elevate the aesthetic of your dining room? Flooring Canada offers an array of options to suit your needs. Our goal is to help you select floors that work with the flow of your lifestyle and budget. We offer the following floor types:

Carpeting—Consider nylon and polyester for their impressive stain-fighting power and soft texture. Laid-back households may opt for finer wool or frieze fibers for the ultimate in luxury. Consider Resista® Carpet as one of your top pics on carpet selection. This brand of carpet can withstand stains and heavy foot traffic. Perfect for larger families!

Hardwood Flooring—Engineered hardwood floors are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and maintain that unrivaled hardwood aesthetic that adds value to your home. We recommend Armstrong® hardwood adds premium value to any home and give you a refined look!

Vinyl Flooring—Touted as one of the most resilient floors, vinyl mimics the look of hardwood, tile, and stone while boasting the strength and durability your household needs. Purstone vinyl offers rich, natural beauty that’s specially engineered for stylish, comfortable living.

Tile Flooring — Whether you want to replace floors in your kitchen or bathroom, tile floors are ideal for the busy household. Tiles resist moisture, mildews, scratches, and stains for a sanitary space. Dal-tile tile will add the look of luxury for less to any space.

Come by today and let us help you and your loved ones find flooring for your family home. From modest apartments to multi-family houses, we match you with floors that are both beautiful and functional. Come by today and discover the Flooring Canada difference!

Call us at (800) 4-FLOORS or complete our online contact form to learn more about choosing flooring for a family home. We are happy to assist you with your selections.