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Rustic Décor in Tillsonburg and Simcoe, ON


You have worked hard to ensure that the outside of your home is capable of impressing your friends and guests, but does your home’s interior set the personalized tone you want? A well-designed interior is one that is arranged to not only fit the unique style of the homeowner but also his or her specific lifestyle.


Whether you favor space, privacy, or rustic décor in Tillsonburg and Simcoe, ON, you can outfit your rooms with design features that perfectly meet your aesthetic and functional needs by working with our home décor showroom. We provide the customized boutique designs, fireplace décor, home office décor, and other interior decorating upgrades you need to give your home the look you want.


Transform Your Home Décor


Take control of the interior atmosphere of your home by partnering up with our home décor design team. We can help you make a huge difference in your home remodeling project thanks to our impressive selection of home décor items, including both modern and rustic design elements.


At our boutique showroom, we offer a variety of interior design ideas for a multitude of rooms and features in your home. When you put your interior design needs in the hands of our specialists, we provide you with a multitude of installation and renovation ideas to make for the perfect modern house interior.


Create a Beautiful Focal Point with Fireplace Décor


For many people, a fireplace helps a house feel more like home, sweet home. The only way to accomplish this feeling, however, is to ensure your fireplace surroundings are warm and welcoming. That is why our team is ready to help you combine beauty and function with our fireplace décor services.


By outlining your mantel with tasteful fireplace décor, you can create an attractive focal piece for your living room, family room, bedroom, or any other room with a fireplace. At our home décor boutique store, you will find specialists ready to offer you an array of original décor fit for nearly any room in your home. Interested in browsing some of our tasteful decorating ideas?


Enhanced Fireplace Surrounds


A well-designed mantelpiece serves as a decorative backdrop for family photos and seasonal decorations as well as a major focal point for your room. With the right fireplace décor and our mantel decorating ideas, you can turn an ordinary living room into an elegant, refined space. In addition to adding visual appeal, a fireplace mantel offers valuable shelf space and serves as a great location for books, candles, and holiday decorations that capture your desired style and mood.


Complete your fireplace renovations with one of our many fireplace surround ideas. No matter what your look or preference may be, our innovative fireplace renovations are sure to make your features look great from the hearth to the floor.


Use Our Hallway Decorating Ideas as a Bridge between Designs


At our home décor store, our design specialists see your hallways as more than a way to get from room to room. If you’ve got floor and wall space, you have got a perfectly good canvas to work with. Give your hallway a character of its own with our unique hallway decorating ideas.


Think you won’t be able to work with the best brands in the industry to stay on budget? Think again. Our modern and rustic décor specialists are ready to help you peruse a vast selection of affordable products from brand-name manufacturers. This helps you create the exact look you want for your home without having to compromise on your budget. 


Create the Perfect Feel with a New Living Room Layout


You deserve a home interior that is inviting and leaves you in a place of solace. Optimal layouts create the flow of the kitchen and take full advantage of the room’s features to create a cohesive aesthetic. Don’t let windows, a fireplace, or a doorway limit your options when it comes to your living room layout.

Whether you prefer a minimalist, contemporary, rustic, or modern interior design look for your home, you can feel confident turning to our showroom. At our store, you will find a team of home décor specialists with an abundance of design ideas who are ready to help you create the perfect arrangement to suit the needs of your household.


Contact our specialists in Tillsonburg and Simcoe, ON, to get design ideas and find the perfect interior design for any room in your home.

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